Dancer - "My Car Drives Fast" 7" EP

Image of Dancer - "My Car Drives Fast" 7" EP


500 Pressed. 45rpm. Black vinyl

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"Power pop is often about pop, but sometimes, as in the case of certain Ramones Dolls, and other Bowery bad boys, it's about power. And not in the sense of walls of sounds or raging rock, but in the sense of fearing that these singers of sweet somethings would just as soon kill you as kiss you. Dancer reminds me of Chicago's great Mickey, in that all the amazing hooks and sugar are laced with a sense of crazy/wildcard/unsettlingness. Have I mentioned yet that this record IS AWESOME!" - Roctober

"Dancer has the relentless melody of West Coast power pop in mind, but lets the urban stain more akin to Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers distinguish the hooks." - Sam Lefebvre, SF Weekly

"First off, I can get actually get behind this. Somewhat sloppy and slurred street pop (not street glam, for those hip to recent musical tags) that reminds me of certain Thunders messes mixed with an early Costello, Clash or even a Jam gruffness. “My Car Drives Fast” travels along a dry and gimmick-free route until the fugged out crunchy solo unhinges things a tad. Gal-pal back ups keep it classy and propped up from falling face down in the gutter. “Jodi” has a bit more going on sonically with fuller production and an added dose of saccharine catchiness. It would feel right at home nestled into the Last American Virgin soundtrack or something. “Do Ya Blame Me” is an old JD Buhl tune. Serious hand-clapper. I’ve never heard of him, but we actually met recently and he’s pretty excited about this cover. Not bad, even to a jaded hate monger like me. It’s been three days and I haven’t been able to shake the title track from my brain, so I can only imagine what’ll do to the target audience. Definitely worth the pick up if you got a sizable pile of similar party glamsters like Glitz or Apache. " - Terminal Boredom

A Side
My Car Drives Fast

B Side
Do Ya Blame Me

Dancer is Rock 'n' Roll! Inspired by power pop, glam, punk, pub stompers and bad attitudes, these boys want you! With two originals and one cover of J.D. Buhl and The Believers “Do Ya Blame Me”, Dancer will have you ready to get down! Follow-up to their debut Daggerman 45.

Davey - guitar
Dee Dee-guitar/vocals
Ray Ray-bass/vocals/organ

Recorded by Andy Human (Lenz, The Cuts, The Time Flys, Buzzer).